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DVM, 360 Cassette, R-410A, Indoor unit

DVM, 360 Cassette, R-410A, Indoor unit


Evenly circulates & cools every corner

Omnidirectional outlet

Unlike 4-way, cassette-type air conditioners that create areas of uneven airflow where cool air can’t reach*, a circular outlet blows cool air in all directions, so every corner of a room is the same temperature**.

Comfortable cool, not unpleasantly cold

Bladeless Design

A bladeless design softly disperses cool air across the room, making you comfortably cool without feeling a cold draft**. With no blades to block the airflow, it also expels 25% more air* and spreads it farther.

Spreads much more air in many more ways

Booster Fan

An innovative Booster Fan enables cool air to be expelled at much lower angles. It creates a low-pressure area around the outlet so that cool air comes out parallel to the ceiling and disperses across a wider area.

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