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Hydro Unit HE, Heat Pump

Hydro Unit HE, Heat Pump

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Choose your hot favorite

The Samsung DVM Hydro system is available in a choice of two types to suit your hot water needs. The DVM Hydro HE provides water at a mid-temperature of 50°C, while the DVM Hydro HT’s advanced, Cascade Cycle technology generates much hotter water at 80°C. So, whatever your demands, there’s the perfect solution to satisfy the requirements of various sites.

Simple plug-and-go installation

The Samsung DVM Hydro system is rapid and easy to install and use for various purposes. It includes a range of connections for various external input and output devices, such as Tank Sensors, Booster Heaters, 2- and 3-way Valves, and Room Thermostats. It’s also fully compatible with the Samsung DVM S Eco and DVM S Water systems.


Easy to control – independently or centrally

The Samsung DVM Hydro system can be independently or centrally operated along with a variety of Samsung DVM systems. For standalone use on individual sites it has its control system or, using the Samsung DVM S Controller, it can be integrated with various DVM systems eg. for water and air, and managed centrally.

Altogether easier and more efficient

The Samsung DVM Hydro system is compatible with all DVM S Outdoor units and can be added to create a single, integrated solution for cooling, heating, and hot water that’s simple to manage. So it ensures much greater efficiency to suit a variety of demands by recycling redundant heat and transferring it to other areas where it is needed – generating substantial energy and cost savings all year round.

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