A girl sleeping under WindFree Split AC

Rest comfortable through the night

The World Health Organization (WHO) defined the ideal sleeping time as 8 hours, which a third of every day. So the bedroom is a very important place where you’re likely to spend a lot of time throughout your life. Samsung WindFree™ air conditioners help you sleep comfortably. Their ambient sound is very low in WindFree™ mode, and they also maintain a comfortable room temperature, without the unpleasant sensation of cold wind being blown directly onto your skin.

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Control Samsung Air Conditioner By SmartThings App From Your Smartphone

Remotely control it anytime, anywhere

Control the temperature in your home anytime and anywhere. Using the SmartThings App* you can remotely control and monitor the air conditioner with just a touch. Or simply tell artificial intelligence (AI) system* what you want** and it does it. It even suggests the best settings.

Samsung Square 360 Cassette AC Installed In Living Room

Maximize your open spaces and enjoy optimum comfort

The Samsung 360 Cassette’s slimline design makes it the perfect solution for large living rooms that have limited ceiling space. With a circular panel, it can be installed even in very tiny ceiling spaces of just 225mm.

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Samsung WindFree 1 Way Cassette AC Installed In Kitchen Area

Experience the ultimate comfort with reliable, efficient performance

The Samsung multi split system air conditioner combines efficiency and reliability to deliver outstanding performance in a space-saving design. Supporting up to five indoor units, Samsung Multi Split is a perfectly optimized cooling system for residences and smaller buildings with limited installation space. Its lightweight, small-scale build and one-button auto-addressing enables easy, low-cost installation, while its uniquely quite design soothing comfort and maximum efficiency.

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Samsung 4 Way Cassette AC Installed in Passage Area

Less space to install, more space to enjoy

Samsung DVM S Eco allows you to have more space by supplying Max 26 stylish indoor units with all your cooling and heating needs as it is extremely thin and light using less space than other units in the market.

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ACES® specializes in retrofit services, updating existing technology to incorporate the latest advancements, providing cost-effective and minimally disruptive solutions for businesses to stay technologically current

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