Our Mission

Greener Today, Cleaner Tomorrow

At ACES®, we're not just cooling and heating spaces; we're
crafting environments of comfort and sustainability. With our most Innovative
& cutting-edge technology, we prioritize optimal energy efficiency and Healthy
Air Quality.

Join us as we lead the charge towards a future
where every breath is a testament to our commitment to innovation, comfort, and

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    Innovation Redefined: Shaping Tomorrow's HVAC Standards

    At ACES®, we're pioneering the future of HVAC with our cutting-edge AI and IoT solutions. Our relentless pursuit of innovation brings state-of-the-art comfort while significantly reducing capital expenditure for our clients

  • Sustainable Air conditioning Solution Features With Icons

    Sustainability: Shaping a Greener Future

    At ACES®, we're champions of environmental responsibility. Our energy-efficient systems and eco-friendly practices pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow. With minimal maintenance & spare costs and low electricity consumption, our HVAC solutions redefine long-term sustainability for our consumers

  • Renewable Energy Images

    Renewable Energy: Igniting a Green Revolution

    At ACES®, we're not just committed to sustainability; we're pioneering it. With relentless dedication, we provide renewable energy solutions to reduce carbon emissions and power a greener world of sustainability harnessing the power of the sun from the rooftops

  • Net Zero Environment Friendly

    Net Zero: Empowering the Future

    At ACES®, we're on a mission to spearhead the Net Zero revolution. We envision a future where buildings generate their own electricity through on-site renewable energy sources, ushering in a greener era devoid of coal-burning grids. Join us as we redefine innovation and propel the world towards a Net Zero future

  • High Quality And Low Cost Representation

    Customer Centric Approach

    At ACES®, we're dedicated to your satisfaction. With personalized HVAC solutions and top-notch installations, we prioritize your comfort above all else. Enjoy hassle-free service, from innovative solutions to seamless after-sales care

  • AC engery mangament from your smartphone through samsung's smartthing techonlogy

    Upgrade Your HVAC Experience with AI, ML & Smart IoTSolutions

    At ACES®, we're masters of smart AI & IoT solutions, tailored to anticipate and exceed your needs. Our cutting-edge integration of AI, ML & IoT empowers you to effortlessly manage your system from your smartphone. With ACES, feel the power in your hands – control your HVAC experience anytime, anywhere

Our Values

Time | Quality | Satisfaction

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    Time : “Mastering Punctuality”

    At ACES®, we honour time as our greatest asset. Recognizing the urgency of climate control, we pledge punctuality in installations and repairs, ensuring your comfort is never compromised by delays

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    Quality: “Precision Perfected”

    In every solution designed, installed, and every service, ACES® epitomizes excellence. Our unwavering commitment to precision sets the standard for quality in the HVAC industry, ensuring unparalleled performance and longevity in every system we deliver

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    Satisfaction: “The WOW Experience”

    At ACES®, your satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success. We derive fulfilment from the smiles of our satisfied customers, knowing that we've not just met but exceeded your expectations in delivering comfort and peace of mind

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Team ACES: The Powerhouse of Excellence

At ACES®, our team stands as the epitome of professionalism and expertise in the HVAC industry. From concept to completion, our dedicated professionals handle every aspect of your project with precision and care

  • ACES COO Vishnu Dadhich

    Vishnu Dadhich

    Opertations Team

  •  aces project team

    Rahul Mourya

    Project Team

  • Aces customer experience team

    Kishan Sharma

    Customer Experience Team

  • ACES designing team

    Raghav Sharma

    Designing Team

  • aces designing team

    Amit Sickerwal

    Designing Team

  • Aces purchase team

    Amit Jangid

    Purchase Team

  • ACES operations team

    Usman Khan

    Project Team

  • acer desinging team

    Sumit Kushwaha

    Designing Team

  • Aces warehouse team

    Indal Bisht

    Warehouse & Purchase Team

  • acer customer experience team

    Shubham Singh Chauhan

    Customer Experience Team

  • aces project team

    Vikash Kushwaha

    Project Team

  • acer customer experience team

    Tanushree Verma

    Customer Experience Team

  • sunita yadav aces admin department

    Sunita Yadav


  • Aces warehouse team

    Kanha Ram

    Warehouse Team

  • Aces project team

    Mahendra Singh

    Project Team

  • Aces Project team

    Raj K.

    Project Team

  • asrar khan aces project team

    Asrar Khan

    Customer Experience Team

  • acer customer experience team

    Virendra Singh

    Customer Experience Team

  • Nitesh Yadav ACES Project Team

    Nitesh Yadav

    Project Team

  • Surendra_Warehouse_Team


    Warehouse Team

  • Sandeep_Singh_Service_Team

    Sandeep Singh

    Customer Experience Team

  • Aces project team

    Guljari Yadav

    Project Team

  • aces project team

    Nitesh Kushwaha

    Project Team

  • acer project team

    Mukesh Kushwaha

    Project Team

  • aces project team

    Fazil Khan

    Project Team

  • aces warehouse team

    Kuldeep Singh

    Warehouse Team

  • Aces project team


    Project Team

  • Aces service team

    Arbaaz Khan

    Customer Experience Team

  • Aces Customer Experience Team

    Ankush Meena

    Customer Experience Team

  • Aces project team


    Project Team

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Rewards & Recognition

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  • Tapanukula Private Limited ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified

    ISO Certified

  • Tapanukula Pvt Ltd StartupIndia Certificate
  • Certificate Of Appreciation To Tapanukula Pvt Ltd By Samsung Air Conditioner
  • Tapanukula Performance Certificate From Samsung

Industries We Serve

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Meet the Founder

ACES founder Prateek Gupta

Prateek Gupta, a dynamic leader with over a decade of experience in the HVAC industry, honed his skills with renowned brands such as Blue Star, Tata Voltas, and Daikin. Passionate about fostering meaningful connections and delivering integrated solutions, he champions a client-centric approach alongside architects.

Driven by a deep-rooted commitment to environmental sustainability, Prateek founded ACES with a visionary mission. His ambition stems from challenging conventional practices that prioritize short-term gains over long-term environmental impacts with a vision of a sustainable approach towards developing society. With a holistic perspective, he envisions a future where HVAC solutions not only ensure comfort but also contribute to energy efficiency, sustainability, and air quality improvements.

Under his leadership, ACES has seen tremendous growth and recognition from State and Central Government for sustainable approach towards the Market, Also launched 'Mission Chhaya,' an initiative dedicated to planting trees and nurturing hope for future generations. Through this endeavour, Prateek and his team aim to plant 2 lakh trees, aligning with their ethos of environmental stewardship. Together with clients, they strive to create a world where green buildings and responsible energy practices pave the way for a healthier, more sustainable society.

ACES Mission Chhaya For Planting 2000+ Trees

Mission Chhaya

We care for nature!

We plant trees and with it we plant hopes for our future
generation. We are on a mission to plant 2 lakh trees. As an environmental
charity we decided to take a step towards procuring nature by planting trees on
various properties.

We started ‘Mission Chhaya’ to secure the ecosystem and
reduce or reverse the damage done to the environment. We along with our
clients, contributing towards this noble cause are anticipating to uphold the
environmental conservation ensuring to make this world a better place.

Come with us, Secure the future

Support For A Tree
fundamental right to breath pm 2.5 fresh air

PM 2.5 Air | Our Fundamental Right

At ACES®, we champion the innate human right to breathe clean air, bestowed upon us by nature. Our relentless mission targets PM 2.5 air pollution, safeguarding the health and safety of communities worldwide. Join us in our crusade to elevate air quality standards, ensuring every breath taken is a testament to vitality and well-being. Let's unite in the pursuit of a future where clean air isn't just a privilege but a fundamental right for all. Together, we can make a profound impact and pave the way for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.