Samsung History

Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul in Korea in 1938 as a small trading company. The word Samsung was chosen as it means “three stars” in Korean based on the three principles of big, numerous and powerful. Over the next thirty years Samsung expanded rapidly trading in a range of services.

1974 – 1980: Samsung began developing its first air conditioner in 1974 known as the Window Air Conditioner.

Continuous Innovation

  • Samsung WindFree 1 Way Cassette Air Conditioner Installed in Living Room

    For Home

    Samsung’s goal is to make spaces more livable and enjoyable. Its innovative technology allows you to have the most comfortable and peaceful space.

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  • Samsung 360 Round Cassette AC Installed In Hotel Room


    The variety of Samsung Air conditioner products allow you to create a pleasant environment with your preferred architectural and esthetical design.

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  • Samsung 4 Way Cassette Air Conditioner Installed in A Retail Store

    For Retail

    The Samsung WindFree™ 4Way Cassette has an 84mm big blade that is 31% larger than normal, which helps prevent air from dispersing, so it sends much more air directly to the chosen spots.

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  • Air Conditioner System In Hospital Patient Room

    For Healthcare

    Samsung air conditioner allow to create an efficient, healthy environment with an Air Conditioner solutions easy to mantain and use for hospital and clinics genral areas and specialized rooms.

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  • Samsung 360 Round Cassette Installed In Restaurant


    Restaurants need good ventilation the kitchen to elimate heat and odors, while dinning areas need fresh air to keep customers comfortable. Samsung air conditioning solutions are perfect for food establishments, eliminating unwanted odors and treating diners ton gentle airflow that keeps the comfortable without cooling their food.

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  • Samsung 4 Way Cassette Air Conditioner Installed In Pre School Classroom

    For Education

    The Samsung WindFree™ 4Way Cassette generates vey low ambient sound in WindFree™ Cooling mode, as it gently and slowly distributes cool air from corner to corner.

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Innovative business products

WindFree™, the only technology that cools with "still air"