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Chiller, Wall Mount, A3050(EEV), Heat Pump R410a

Chiller, Wall Mount, A3050(EEV), Heat Pump R410a


Simply expand capacity on demand

A modular design provides a wide choice of configurations. You can simply and flexibly combine modules and expand capacity from 12 to 320 tons in various ways to optimize energy or space savings or a balance of both.

Advanced performance & energy efficiency

Its advanced technology delivers consistently higher performance and reduces wasted energy. It has a highly efficient BLDC inverter compressor with flash injection technology and an Evaporative Condenser.

Easily increase performance & save space

Its compatibility, large capacity, and high space efficiency make it perfect for replacing existing chillers as it cuts down maintenance costs and frees up valuable space while expanding overall capacity.

Easy to move and install modular design

Its modular design and compact size reduce the time, cost, and effort to transport, move, and install it on-site. With a small footprint, it’s easy to fit and combine multiple units even when there’s limited space.

Centrally control all systems

To maximize operational convenience and the value of your existing units, an integrated control system lets you centrally manage both outdoor and indoor units, such as the DVM chiller, VRF, and Air Side* equipment.

Works silently at night

A Night Silent Mode means it operates at 3 different levels and works silently at night. It adjusts the speed of the compressors and fans, so they supply the required cooling, but provide a better sound performance.

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