Flexibility and reliability that guests adore

The variety of Samsung Air conditioner products allow you to create a pleasant environment with your preferred architectural and esthetical design.

Samsung 360 Round Cassette AC Installed In Hotel Room

Welcome with warmth: Crafting memorable hotel experiences

With 360° air flow, the 360 Cassette distributes cool air in all directions, cooling evenly throughout the entire space.

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Samsung 1 Way Cassette AC Vs Ducted Air Conditioning

Silent comfort for uninterrupted moments of relaxation

The WindFree™ 1Way Cassette* is the ideal solution for upgrading the comfort level of guest rooms by replacing conventional ducted air conditioners. Its compact size means it can be installed within the narrow ceiling above the entrance door, where a ducted air conditioner is normally installed. It also generates only 24dB(A) of sound, which is significantly less noticeable, and there’s no ductwork to make any noise.

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Samsung Heating & Cooling Management At The Same Time

Meet the differing needs of guests with simultaneous cooling and heating

Samsung DVM S HR lets you choose to operating cooling and heating in different spaces at the same time with a single system air conditioning system. You can cool the fitness room while heating the lobby simultaneously according to the space needs.

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upgrade you old ac to new ac with aces retrofit service


ACES® specializes in retrofit services, updating existing technology to incorporate the latest advancements, providing cost-effective and minimally disruptive solutions for businesses to stay technologically current

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