Samsung DVM S2


The new DVM S2 is the next generation of Samsung’s Digital
Variable Multi (DVM) S platform. It is equipped with innovative
technology components that result in delivering greater energy
efficiency than the previous range.

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    Energy Efficiency

    Redesigned to reduce the operating costs.

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    AI Technology

    Optimises itself intelligently, based on machine learning.

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    Enhanced Heating Performance

    The AFI Compressor™ delivers an incredible heating performance.

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Perfectly compatible with WindFree™ indoor units

Active Frequency Drive 10Hz

Enjoy continuous comfort and avoid wasting energy. The DVM S2 range is compatible with our WindFree™ products* that feature our unique WindFree™ technology to cool gently and quietly by dispersing fresh air through thousands of micro-holes to avoid any unpleasant cold drafts**. Active Frequency Drive 10Hz technology enables the compressor to precisely control a small amount of refrigerant. So it maintains a more consistent temperature

* DVM S2 is compatible with the WindFree™ 4-Way and 1-Way Cassette and the WindFree™ Deluxe.
** ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) defines “Still Air” as air currents at speeds below 0.15m/s which lacks the presence of cold drafts.

The ultimate in energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Cut costs with around 11% more energy efficiency*. The Heat Exchanger has 36.2% more area** to heat faster. An optimized refrigerant path improves heat transfer. A Multi-serration Fan uses 32% less electricity***. And a new IGBT reduces electricity loss by 20%****.

Automatically improved efficiency

Active AI Technologies

Optimize cooling automatically! Active AI Pressure Control* intelligently adjusts the condensing pressure, cutting energy use by 15%;**. Active AI Defrost increases the continuous heating time by 40%***. And Active AI Refrigerant Analysis**** optimizes the refrigerant level.

Samsung DVM S2 Outdoor Unit Connection With Copper Pipe Installation

Cost-effective and flexible design

Slimmer Liquid Pipe

Save installation cost with efficient piping. It uses 28% less refrigerant* as it can use a slimmer liquid pipe**. So it reduces installation and maintenance costs and improves design flexibility. It’s also environmentally friendly and reduces CO₂ emissions.

Reduces the disturbance of fan noise

Multi-serration Fan* & Diffuser Type Discharge Plenum

Reduce disturbance caused by air turbulence. A Multi-serration Fan* minimizes the air vortex and significantly reduces the fan noise. The discharge plenum’s edgeless, curved design also allows the fan to gently diffuse air without creating a vortex**.

Prevents damage from shocks & vibration

Robust Frame

Reduce damage from shocks or earthquakes up to magnitude 9.0*. A new Robust Frame has reinforced corners, 25%** thicker sides and a refined shape. A Kammtail (KVF) bracket supports the motor with 210% more stiffness**. And redesigned legs suppress any sway.

Samsung DVM S2 Outdoor Unit Uses Durafun Ultra

Lasting protection, optimal performance

Durafin™ Ultra

Safeguard the Heat Exchanger from damaging corrosion. The Durafin™ Ultra has an anti-corrosive layer and a hydrophilic layer that protect the Heat Exchanger from rust. Its superb corrosion-resistance was proven in a Salt Spray Test (SST)*.

Samsung DVM S2 Outdoor Unit Made By GI Steel Plates

Anti-rust Protection extends working life

Galvanized Iron Steel Plate (GI)

Inhibit the formation of rust on the cabinet. It is made of Galvanized Iron Steel Plate (GI) with a PE powder coating that is up to 100µm thick, which improves corrosion-resistance by 43%*. It protects it from rusting, so it can endure harsh conditions.

Easy troubleshooting with one touch

On-device Inverter Check™

Save time identifying system issues and the cost of specialist diagnostic tools. An On-device Inverter Check™ includes a one-touch button that lets you quickly check for device errors. It’s easy to access without removing the entire front cover.

Samsung DVM S2 Outdoor Unit Dimensions

More powerful performance, less space

34HP Super Capacity with a Compact Design

Enjoy an exceptionally powerful performance and use less space. It’s the first outdoor unit to offer super capacities of 32HP and 34HP in a single unit. Their compact design saves up to 18% space* and helps reduce the cost and effort of installation.

Our DVM S2 range