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DVM Water, Top Discharge, Heat Recovery, R-410 A, Outdoor unit

DVM Water, Top Discharge, Heat Recovery, R-410 A, Outdoor unit


Samsung DVM S Water

Water Cooling

The DVM S WATER is a cooling & heating system for buildings that uses water as its heat source, with connections to cooling towers and boilers. Using a highly efficient compressor and heat exchanger, it provides a reliable performance that’s unaffected by changes in the surrounding environment.

More efficient, more eco-friendly

Dual Inverter Compressor


The DVM S WATER air conditioning system saves money and the environment while providing a powerful performance. Its innovative Dual Inverter Compressor, with a high-efficiency Vapor Injection System, ensures powerful, rapid cooling and heating using minimum energy, so it’s very eco-friendly.

Flexible installation almost anywhere

Flexible installation almost anywhere

The DVM S WATER can be installed almost anywhere, regardless of its location or distance from the building. It has a maximum piping length of up to 170 meters (558ft) between the outdoor and indoor units, while still ensuring complete reliability. Also, reach up to a height of 50 meters (164ft).

Lower installation costs, great capacity

Lower Installation Costs

The DVM S WATER is much more economical to install as it has a small footprint and lightweight design, but a large 30 horsepower(HP) capacity. So instead of installing two 10/20HP units you only need one 30HP unit, using 41% less space and reducing the costs of valves, fittings, and gauges.

Independently cool and heat

Independently Cool & Heat

With the DVM S WATER’s optional MCU* you can independently cool and heat different spaces at the same time. Instead of just heating or cooling everywhere, with the MCU each indoor unit can be operated separately, so you can simultaneously heat some areas of the building while cooling others.

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