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DVM S Eco, Heat Pump R410a, 380~415V, 50Hz, 3Ф, Outdoor Unit

DVM S Eco, Heat Pump R410a, 380~415V, 50Hz, 3Ф, Outdoor Unit


Best-in-class capacity

Provides more coverage, but takes up less space. It has the largest capacity in its class of 14 HP, enabling you to create a small-footprint VRF solution. So it's ideal for installation in places with limited space.

Compact design for extra flexibility

The most compact air conditioner in its class, making it very easy and economical to install and operate without compromising on performance. It also leaves plenty of extra space that can be used for other purposes.

Advanced performance & energy efficiency

Its advanced technology radically improves performance and reduces wasted energy. It includes an innovative Digital Inverter Compressor, an optimized heat exchanger with corrugated fins, and highly efficient fans.

Connects more, fits more

Has a 4-way piping system, with connections at the front, side, bottom, and rear, and a 160 m piping length, so it fits into many more places, including small or narrow spaces, and is easier to install and maintain.

Improved reliability in cold conditions

Featuring advanced refrigerant control technology, its flash injection provides improved heating performance at -25 °C. And it continues to perform even at lower temperatures, for reliable comfort when it’s freezing.

Flexibly install it almost anywhere

Provides the flexibility to be installed almost anywhere, regardless of its location or distance from the building. It has a piping length of up to 160 m (525 ft) and can reach up to a height of 50 m (164 ft).

Control your cooling anywhere

An optional Wi-Fi Kit lets you remotely control indoor units using a smartphone App*. Anytime and anywhere you can turn them on and off, select the operating mode and temperature, and utilize their other functions.

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