Samsung Chiller Saving Space of Your Rooftop

Easily increase performance & save space

Compatibility and Small Footprint
The DVM Chiller’s compatibility, large capacity and high space efficiency make it the perfect solution to replace existing chillers as it cuts down maintenance costs and frees-up valuable space, while expanding overall air conditioning capacity. Compared to other modular chillers, its footprint is up to 38% smaller and it’s up to 57% more compact. Using an optional FCU kit, it’s also perfectly compatible with other 3rd party Fan Coil Units, so you can continue using your existing system, even when replacing old chillers, to improve efficiency.

Samsung DVM S2 Outdoor Unit Back View With Circuit Open

Advanced performance & energy efficiency

High Energy Eff iciency
The DVM Chiller’s advanced technology delivers a consistently higher performance and reduces wasted energy. Its highly efficient BLDC inverter compressor with Flash Injection technology is more durable and performs more reliably, especially in cold conditions.
An innovative Evaporative Condenser delivers superior energy efficiency. Its Digital Inverter technology also provides an enhanced ‘partial load efficiency’ by automatically adjusting its performance to match the cooling demand.

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