Create an environment that supports concentration and study

Put parents’ minds at ease with nanoe™ X air purification that tackles bacteria, viruses, odours, and mould. Helping you provide a comfortable, safe environment for students and teachers alike.

Why do owners introduce nanoe™ X?

Case study

Teacher Learning doubt of 2 girls in School Classroom

Why is indoor air quality important?

Awareness around air quality is growing rapidly. Given how much time we spend indoors, it’s crucial that we’re breathing good-quality, fresh, and healthy air.

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24-hour nanoe™ X Improving Protection Keeping everyone comfortable indoors

nanoe™ X protects you from some of the most common indoor issues.

Female Teacher Clearing Doubts Of 2 Girls on Laptop in School Classroom

Issue: Growing concerns

Hygiene anxiety amongst parents and students is high

Children spend many hours in school, increasing the risk from bacteria and viruses.

Panasonic Split AC Nanoe X Technology Presentation In School Classroom

Solution: An effective solution

nanoe™ X inhibits certain airborne and adhered viruses

nanoe™ X is not only effective against airborne viruses, but also inhibits viruses on key touchpoints, such as stair railings, desks, and chairs.