Anywhere in the house with nanoe™ X

  • Panasonic Split AC Indoor Unit

    Wall-mounted air conditioners

24-hour nanoe™ XProtection For you and your family

nanoe™ X technology draws on the power of hydroxyl radicals to effectively inhibit adhered and airborne viruses, pollutants and odours.
Proven to inhibit certain virus, it lets you create a safe haven for your family by significantly reducing the risk of transmission at home.

  • Entire Family Enjoying

    At Home

    Enjoy clean air, free from pollutants and allergens, and relax in comfort with your family.

  • Modern Living Room Interior With Air Conditioning System

    Away From Home

    Panasonic air conditioners purify the air and surfaces of your home while you are away. Running your device on nanoe™ X mode without the cooling function consumes only 25 W per hour*, reducing your energy costs.

    *Energy consumption may vary depending on models.

  • Cute Family Enjoying


    Fresh air means you can enjoy meals together in comfort.

  • Baby Sleeping Quietly in Cool Environment

    Comfortable Sleep

    Enjoy a good night’s sleep while nanoe™ X keeps your air clean and safe throughout the night.

nanoe™ X technology

Known as nature’s detergent, hydroxyl radicals (or OH radicals) are natural reactive molecules that look to react with other elements such as hydrogen. This reaction enables hydroxyl radicals to inhibit the growth of pollutants.

Panasonic’s nanoe™ X technology brings these benefits to you, purifying surfaces and the indoor environment so that you can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable living space.