Provide customers with a more comfortable dining experience

Keeping your restaurant safe and healthy is more important than ever. 24-hour nanoe™ X technology protects against certain viruses to create a cleaner environment for customers and staff.

Why do owners introduce nanoe™ X?

Case study

Starbucks Conezion Putrajaya

Starbucks Conezion Putrajaya adopted our technology to keep their indoor air cool and comfortable. Alongside balanced ventilation, nanoe™ X technology promotes a clean and healthy environment with fresh air all day long.

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24-hour nanoe™ X Improving Protection Keeping your customers safer indoors

nanoe™ X protects you from some of the most common issues in your restaurant.

Issue: Tackling odours

Smells are a particular concern for restaurant customers

Customers are highly sensitive to nasty odors – especially those embedded in fabrics – and so taking care of them is essential.

Solution: Where nanoe™ X comes in

Odours that adhere to the surface of chairs

nanoe™ X particles penetrate deep into fabrics to inhibit bacteria that adhere to chairs and minimising odours.