Provide your guests and visitors with a more comfortable stay

Guests' expectations of a comfortable stay have evolved over the years. Create cleaner and safer air in your hotel space with 24-hour nanoe™ X protection and purification to ensure a comfortable hotel experience for every guest.

Why do owners introduce nanoe™ X?

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Men Working on laptop and enjoying coffee in hotel room

Provide a clean and secure space.

nanoe™ X inhibits certain bacteria, viruses, pollens, allergens, and molds, as well as breaking down hazardous substances contained in PM2.5. nanoe™ X also contributes to your business by solving indoor odor issues with deodorization.

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24-hour nanoe™ X Improving Protection Keeping your customers safer indoors

nanoe™ X protects you from some of the most common hotel issues.

Women Hotel Staff Keeping Hotel With Guest towels

Issue: Heightened awareness for cleanness

How can you be sure that bacteria and viruses have been removed?

The hotel room looks clean at a glance. However, guests are increasingly worried that invisible bacteria and viruses have been removed.

Panasonic 4 Way Cassette AC Nanoe X Technology Presentation In Hotel Room

Solution: Easy treatment

nanoe™ X is highly effective against certain airborne and adhered viruses

nanoe™ X also inhibits viruses attached to critical touchpoints, such as doorknobs, remote controls, and even sofa and carpet fabric.