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Samsung Wind Free AC

Samsung WindFree™

With thousands of micro-holes that spread fresh air gently and evenly throughout any room, the WindFree™ range allows you to live, work and relax comfortably without experiencing unpleasant cold drafts.

How does it work?

The front panel opens, and Fast Cooling mode cools the room quickly from corner to corner.
The set temperature is reached in Fast Cooling mode, and the front panel closes.
WindFree™ mode spreads fresh air uniformly through thousands of micro-holes.

Our WindFree™ Range

WindFree™ Wall-Mount

WindFree™ 1-Way Cassette

WindFree™ 4-Way Cassette

VRF compatible WindFree™ Wall-Mount units


WindFree™ Brochure

The WindFree™ Range:
Experience Ultimate Comfort

Samsung’s new WindFree™ range uses innovative technologies to provide new levels of comfort to any space – so that you can experience ultimate well-being no matter where you are or what you are doing.

WindFree™ Cooling

Circular design Its innovative circular design can match a multitude of interior designs, so it perfectly fits in everywhere. Its minimalist modern styling creates a sophisticated look and its circular shape stands out beautifully.

Smart Operation

The WindFree™ Wall-Mount with AI Auto Comfort introduces you to an intelligent way of living. It analyses your room conditions and usage patterns, and then automatically adjusts the temperature. Temperatures can also be managed using the SmartThings App.

Energy Efficiency

Samsung’s compressor with Digital Inverter Boost technology helps you to save on energy consumption. The Motion Detect Sensor (MDS) cools the room efficiently by self-regulating the air conditioner’s activity when nobody is present.